8 New Features of XIAOMI MIUI 12

8 New Features of XIAOMI MIUI 12

8 New Features of XIAOMI MIUI 12 Getslook.com/

Xiaomi has released the beta version of latest UI MIUI 12 recently which is inspired from its successor MIUI 11. The latest UI is going to be winning the attraction with better design, privacy and enhancement here is the specific list of what are coolest features users going to get on the new MIUI 12.

Dark Mood v2.0

In the new version of MIUI users can experience a better dark mode option which is automatically adjust display brightness, text, and context by time and availability of light sources. It will automatically adjust the mode by time in day and night.

Live Walpapers

User will experience a great visual effects of live walpapers. There will be 3D animated wallpaper of the planets Earth and Mars are available which is known as Super Wallpaper.

New Gestures

In MIUI 12 there will be some new gestures. As seen as, there will a floating notification panel, users will able to response on the notification without interrupting on work they are currently doing on the device.

Better Privacy and Security

Users will be able to monitor all the permissions and usage information of apps they have installed on their phone. There will be no always allow option is available for permanent allowances of an app request. User have to set permissions everytime they open an app and they are done the permission will be revoke.

Sensory Visual Design

With Sensory Visual Design users will be able to get all the system information ex: storage, performance, connectivity etc in one place with visual graphs from the settings page.

Health Tracking

With Xiaomi “AI motion behavior perception algorithm” user can get updates with more accuracy about there workouts and health issues. It will monitor users walking steps, work outs, sleeping time, and more. It will give users suggestions about health issues and workouts Idea.

AI Calling

Xiaomi has upaded the AI Calling system “Xiao AI” which will able to response a call when the user is busy or not able to response. User can pre-set recordings for answering, change languages, and send greetings.

Message Filters

All the promotional messages will be grouped in one place
Currently the beta version is available in Chinese region and the stable version of MIUI 12 will be available on June this year.

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